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i don't have a problem, i have a solution!

i quit!

swimming in a sea of sexual retardedness
21 May 1988
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my name is kaden. i am twenty years old and currently living in music city, tennessee. i live with my girlfriend rae, my bffs zak and leann, my dog hobo, and my cats loki and shotgun. i enjoy music, unicorns, fairy tales, conspiracy theories, microbiology and thinking about wanting to paint. i'm not much of an artist/writer/musician, but i try. i'm kind of a huge dork. i love laughing and smiling a lot. i want to live in an anarchist commune one day, singing with my friends and growing my own vegetables. i enjoy pop culture references and pretending to study sociology.
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andycoop hateon's, arnold schwarzenegger with feathers, bandom continues owning you, bandom owns you, dessert wastelands, homogay queerfags, i love you poodles!, ierogate, narwhales and unicorns, panic!!!!!! at the disco, patd gsf ftw, raeden, randy harrison's america'sbestdancecrew, ryan-ross-before-he-wanted-to-be-a-boy-again, ryan/brendon lives!, ween